The year is 2066. The Agency for the Investigation of the Spiritual and Paranormal has fought a war against the plague of ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal creatures unleashed by a group of psychic terrorists for almost forty years. Jackie and Lorna are on the frontlines, doing everything they can to solve the mysteries that are presented to them.

A year before the story starts, Jackie accepts a challenge issued by The Green Knight, a vicious spirit who attacked AISP headquarters. Her life is on the line. And all is not well in their world; could it be that AISP is covering up a massive conspiracy that lies at the heart of magical Britain? Even worse, could they be the cause of it?

As they continue to solve hauntings and their caseload, Jackie and Lorna start seeking answers from the world around them – and find that the reality of the spirit world is far different from what they were led to believe.


Amanda is a comic artist and illustrator, currently based in Cambridge. She adores Star Wars, and is currently working on webcomic Paranormal Investigators, which features ghosts, mysteries, and queer ladies. You can contact her at

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