Lorna M Reinmoy

Her partnership with Jackie is her first assignment with AISP. Whilst naturally brash and impulsive, she quickly finds herself acting as the calming influence of the pair; Jackie is far quicker to anger than she is. Happy to follow Jackie’s more experienced lead, except when she’s being reckless – only, with a conspiracy that may undermine all of Magical Britain about, Jackie’s recklessness no longer looks what it once was. Her preference is for AISPs modern weapons, over traditional spell-casting.

Comics: 75
Recent Appearance: Issue #4 Page 24
First Appearance: Issue #1 Page 01

Jacqueline Madison

Better known as just ‘Jackie’. She’s worked for AISP for five years – the first four under the tutelage of Henry Chen, a respected senior investigator; the last one, with new partner Lorna M Reinmoy. Her partnership with Henry was severed after he was injured and took retirement on a mission, and it upset her greatly. This may be why she went slightly off the rails and accepted a challenge from the murderous Green Knight shortly afterwards. Now, she and Lorna get on pretty damn well – and make an excellent team, when Jackie isn’t running head first into danger. Her talent lies in spell-casting, magics, and ritual.

Comics: 68
Recent Appearance: Issue #4 Page 17
First Appearance: Issue #1 Page 01

Valentine Ride

Jackie and Lorna’s technical support officer. She’s worked with Jackie since the beginning of her partnership with Henry, and the two are fast friends. Intelligent, quick-to-adapt and with an extensive knowledge of AISP’s archives – even if she does miss almost every pop culture reference of the last fifty years – she handles all of the administration and research for Jackie and Lorna. They’d be lost without her.

Comics: 19
Recent Appearance: Issue #4 Page 17
First Appearance: Issue #1 Page 07

The Green Knight

A mysterious figure. He attacked AISP headquarters and issued a challenge: for someone to heft his axe and cut off his head, only to meet him again a year later for an exchange of blows. Jackie took up his challenge, and therefore goes to seek him out. In doing so, she finds that a far more complex figure lurks beneath the Green Knight’s surface.

Comics: 13
Recent Appearance: Issue #4 Page 24
First Appearance: Issue #1 Page 05

Y Chadee

The Pearl of the Sea, daughter of Orion the Great Hunter, come walking to the land out of the underworld. Wife of Eshyn and the keeper of the Sword of Light, she wields a great amount of power – and her speciality is in breaking enchantments.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Issue #3 Page 18
First Appearance: Issue #2 Page 11

The Green Lady

An enigmatic trickster. Her true role and intentions are so far not known – and neither is her exact relation to the Green Knight.

Comics: 3
Recent Appearance: Issue #1 Page 13
First Appearance: Issue #1 Page 11